Our Story

Achim Michael Renner, Founder 1989

Achim Michael Renner -Perfecting Smiles Since 1989

Precision Esthetics Dental Laboratory was founded in 1989 by German Master Technician Achim Michael Renner.  After studying and doing an extensive internship in Germany, Achim was recruited by future business partner Mr. Terry A. Knueppel CEO of Dental Arts Laboratory, Peoria, Illinois.  After the partnership with DAL, Achim launched Precision Esthetics Dental Laboratory in 1998. Achim exudes the best qualities of the entrepreneur and business professional.  As the main principal of the firm he has led the way to Precision Esthetics being recognized as one of the top dental laboratories in the United States.  His vision of European quality craftsmanship made in America combined with world class customer service has been at the core of every relationship.  Achim continues to find ways to stay at the forefront of the industry by embracing and leading the way with innovations in technology.  


Quality Craftsmanship, World Class Technology

 Precision Esthetics Dental Laboratory has specific emphasis on natural appearance.  All of our Work is designed digitally or hand crafted by our international team of certified dental technician.  We focus on every detail to ensure that our restorations feature proper tooth proportions, contacts and physiological appearance of the patients natural dentition in function, color and facial contours. We are experts in Metal-Free All Ceramics such as ZirkonZahn Prettau Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate Porcelain Restorations and have perfected the design of custom pink porcelain and gingival architecture.  Each member of our technical staff strives to consistently fabricate natural, life-like restorations with each and every case. Our award winning Esthetic Department offers a wide range of products including, but not limited to high translucency BioZ X2 and Cube X2 Monolithic and Layered Zirconia, IPS e.max Restorations, PMMA Temp & Transitional Crowns and Bridges, Layered Porcelain Veneers, Ceramo Hybrid Zirconia Bridge and BruxZir solid Zirconia. Our in house removable department offers Vitallium 2000 Plus partial frames, precision partial frames, Custom Tinted Esthetic Dentures, Valplast Dentures and more.      


Value Added Products

We lead the industry in Implant Dentistry with tens of thousands of implant cases designed, fabricated and successfully delivered.  All of our products meet ADA specifications. Our know how and expertise of understanding clinical demands, case design and technology selection translates to consistently facilitating optimal results. Precision Esthetics Dental laboratory utilizes state of the art Digital Technology including the Medit Identica hybrid Scanner and DOF HT Freedom Scanner, Nobel Procera Smart Fusion G2 Technology, the Straumann Dental Wing 7, Cadent Itero, 3M Definition & True Shape Trios and a complete line of Ceramo and Zirconia Restorations. This dynamic use of technology combined with our highly trained and motivated team, enables us to provide the most advanced products and services available.  Please visit our Products and Services section to take a look at our complete range of products and services to discover how Precision Esthetics can help you provide precise and highly esthetic restorations for your patients. 

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Our Mission

Our Recipe For Succes...

  • European Craftsmanship 
  • Made in America
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • On Time Delivery  

Here at Precision Esthetics our mission is simply to offer unparalleled service and quality of products to dentists all over the world.  We understand that choosing the right dental laboratory is an important and critical aspect of your business.  We have been perfecting smiles since 1989 and servicing the global dental community from our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.  Dentists all over the world enjoy the experience of interacting with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are by extension, a part of making your patients happy. Experience European quality craftsmanship made in America with Precision Esthetics.  

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Executive Management Team


Achim Michael Renner,M.D.T.

Achim Michael Renner,M.D.T.

Achim Michael Renner,M.D.T.

Chief Executive Officer


Johanna Podkowa, M.D.T.

Achim Michael Renner,M.D.T.

Achim Michael Renner,M.D.T.

Master Ceramist


James Han, CDT.

Achim Michael Renner,M.D.T.

James Han, CDT.

 Lab Manager, Director Digital Technology