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Quality Matters

Quality Matters

Quality MattersQuality MattersQuality Matters

Our Implant Specialists

Johanna Podkowa, MDT, President



Johanna received her formal training at Kwiatkowski dental laboratory in Hamburg, Germany and graduated from the Handwerskammer Hamburg, Germany in 1995 as a Certified Dental Technician (CDT). Ms. Podkowa joined our team of highly trained certified dental technician and master dental technicians in 2009 as a Master Ceramist and as Manager of the Metal-Free Esthetic Department. She was promoted to the position of the Porcelain Department Manager and Assistant Laboratory Manager in 2012. Her vision of introducing state of the art technology to our laboratory and sharing her skills and expertise as a world-class ceramist with our team members has been the foundation of our growth at Precision Esthetics Dental Laboratory, Inc. and the core of our European Quality Craftsmanship Made in America Signature products. We welcome Johanna as Executive member of our Management team, and we are looking forward to her navigating Precision Esthetics as an industry leader in Metal-Free Ceramics, Digital Technology and Implant Dentistry. Here are some highlights of Johanna's professional background: Master Ceramist /President , Hamburg, Germany, Trained in Germany & US Certified  Dental  Technician over 20 years  experience Continuing studies with Enrico Steger,Oliver Brix & Willi Geller & Oral Design Team, Mentored and trained by  Klaus Mueterthies .


James Han, CDT, Lab Manager & Director of Digital Technology



With James Han, our Director of Digital Technology & Assistant Lab Manager at the helm, we are always keeping abreast of the latest cutting edge technology that keeps our Lab a leader and driving force in the Industry.

As an industry leader in Esthetic Dentistry and Digital Implant Dentistry, we are always striving to provide better, more efficient services with faster turnaround time. With our two new Mihm & Vogt Speed HT Sintering furnaces we are able to sinter up to 190 Zirconia Crown and bridge units in less than 3 hours! This together with the new DOF HD Freedom scanner and our two new Roland DWX-51D CAD CAM Milling Machines put our team of Master Dental Technicians in the wonderful position to work more precise and extremely efficient and to deliver a consistent and better quality product with faster turnaround time!  
Faster Turnaround time: our new Roland mills provide faster turnaround time to dental labs and dentists in the dental community.