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Quality Matters

Quality Matters

Quality MattersQuality MattersQuality Matters

Our Executive Management Team


Achim Michael Renner, M.D.T

 Achim Renner exudes the best qualities of the entrepreneur business professional.  As the main principal of the firm he has led the way to Precision Esthetics being recognized as one of the top dental laboratories in the United States.  His vision of European quality craftsmanship made in America combined with world class customer service has been at the core of every relationship.  Achim continues to find ways to stay at the forefront of the industry by embracing and leading the way with innovations in technology.  Here are some highlights of Achim's professional background: Master Dental Technician/ President CEO Master Dental Technician, Freiburg Germany
Trained in Germany and USA
Graduate of Misch Institute
Over 30 years experience
Well over 80,000 completed implant cases
Over 800 lectures on Dental Implants and Esthetic Dentistry
Mastership in Implants AAIP
Member of ICOI, American Academy of Osseointegration
Member and Lab Advisor of ITI
Adjunct Faculty Nova S.E. University
Publications on Implant related topics