Executive Management


Carsten Busse, M.D.T

 It is our great pleasure to introduce, Mr. Carsten Busse Master Dental Technician (M.D.T.) who will assume the managerial position of General Manager where he will have executive responsibility over all of the production activities and quality  control within Laboratory.

Mr. Busse brings over 25 years of experience in the dental and Laboratory Management field.
He received his certification as a dental technician in 1997 after four years of training at Pons Dental Laboratory, Germany. 

After completing the Dental Technician Certification Program, he continued his professional development and achieved his Master Dental Certificate at Handwerkskammer Dortmund, Germany in 2004. Throughout his employment, Mr. Busse has had several years of professional and Supervisory experience in Laboratory Management as well as extensive experience as a training instructor with Vita and Anaxdent.

We are excited to have Carsten on board to help us maintain our European Quality Craftsmanship Made in America!