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Shade Tips from our Master Dental Technician

How can I Improve the accuracy of a shade


Here is what our Master Ceramists at Precision Esthetics recommend:

1. The First Impressions are the most accurate in shade selection and work the best!

2.  Keep in mind that you cannot provide too much descriptive information to your master ceramist. A properly taken digital photograph with the shade tab and exposed shade number included in the photo provides many of the anatomical characteristics that can help you achieve excellence.

3. The patient should remove any lipstick or bright makeup. 

4.  Make the shade selection at the beginning of the appointment before the

tooth becomes dehydrated and your eyes become fatigued from the other

procedures. Whenever possible take a shade prior to tooth preparation.

Click here for more recommendations (link to website)

5. The canines are a good reference point in selecting a shade because they

have the highest chroma (intensity) of the dominate hue (color) of the teeth.

6. Make your final shade selection after comparing your shade selections with those of another team

member. This works to double check these very subjective measurements.

7. When making shade selections it is important not to view the comparison for more than 7 seconds at

a time to avoid fatiguing the cones of the retina. We recommend you gaze at a neutral grey wall card. In

fact, looking away at a grey card between each 7‐second shade evaluation will reset the focus of your

eyes and depth perception.

8. Compare your shade selection under varying conditions such as with lip retraction versus lip down

and when the patient moves their head in different directions or lighting angles. Request the patient sit

up or stand up when determining the shade. The tab should be parallel with the tooth being shade

matched so to minimize depth perception errors. View the shade under color corrected lighting.

9. Many doctors feel that selecting a shade of slightly lower value from the adjacent teeth helps the

porcelain “blend” nicely with the patient’s natural dentition.

10. Be aware that shade tabs degrade due to aging and disinfection. Have a new guide to compare the

consistency of other guides and always designate the name of shade guide used; remember that A‐2

may not be consistent between guides. For e.max crowns please include the natural die shade

(stump shade) to ensure the proper end result.

Outcome Driven Results

From the Desk of Johanna Podkowa, VP Lab Operations, M.D.T.
During this interesting and unprecedented time in dentistry,
we realize the necessity of choosing the right lab partner
to serve any dental practice which prides its reputation on
high quality products.

In a technology driven industry, personal relationships
become more and more important. With a proven track
record for over 29 years in the industry, we pride ourselves
in open communication and availability to our clients in
order to deliver the best quality to patients.
As such, we see our lab as an extension of your team.

We are aware that the future of Dentistry is rapidly
changing. While our lab has been abreast and equipped
with the latest state of the art technology, what makes
us standout is the great pride in which we continue
to encourage and hone the individual craftsmanship of
our technicians. 


Annual Corporate Retreat- “The Change is here”

 Posted November 22, 2017

Precision Esthetics hosted its Annual Corporate retreat on November 20 at Café Sapori in West Palm Beach.  During the Keynote Presentation where the main theme was “The Change is here”, Founder and CEO Achim Michael Renner, M.D.T. pointed out that in keeping with the rapid changes and growth in the dental industry, labs and technicians will need to keep abreast of the new technology complemented by quality craftsmanship. Achim pointed out that “there is no doubt that digital technology is a great! But compensating for a lack of skill with technology is progress toward mediocrity. As technology advances, craftsmanship recedes and we use it less resourcefully. The one thing we’ve gained is automatism, which is useless without perception!” Other guest presenters included Dr. Alexander Wang and Mr. Pierre Rodrigues, Vice President, Comerica Bank.       

From the Desk of the Vice President, Laboratory Operations, Ms. Johanna Podkowa, M.D.T.

 My mentors and instructors Willi Geller,Oral Design Team - Switzerland and Klaus Muterthies, Germany influenced and changed the way I looked at outcome and result driven esthetic restorations and made me redefine my approach:   "Watch and Copy Nature" is the quintessence for every artist". It always was my vision to bring the philosophy of my mentors together with European Quality Craftsmanship to the USA. It is now my mission to delivery it with each and every case. Our Clients and their Patients deserve the best. Thank you very much for your business and for continuing support.