Dr. Chris Rodriguez, California


 I have been using Precision Esthetics over the past few years, and I consistently receive high quality, great esthetics, and excellent fitting restorations on a consistent basis with guaranteed on time delivery.  The restorations drop right in with little to no adjustment! The team of ceramists do a great job with pre, intra, and post op photography. Thanks again for the stunning esthetics  exceptional work!"  

Dr. Sundeep Rawal, Prosthodontist, Merrit Island, FL


 "Fantastic Work!" "Your personalized service, commitment to excellence and attention to detail greatly improved my  patient quality of life." 

Dr Laurence Grayhills DMD, Grayhills and Mohip Dental Wellington, FL


 "Your Team of Master Dental Technicians guarantees customer and patient satisfaction again & again! What a Wonderful Job!" 

Dr. Paulino Castellon, Prosthodontist, Texas


 “Fantastic work, superb attention to details and personalized service made Precision Esthetics my “go-to-lab” for the last decade. Great Job!”

Dr. Larry Michael Over, Board Certified Prosthodontist & Maxillofacial Prosthetics


 “My patient is thrilled with her smile and said she just cannot stop smiling! I was very impressed with the fit of the prostheses and the natural appearance of the porcelain and gingival porcelain application. Thank you for the wonderful work!” 

Dr. Bruce Miller, Prosthodontist Private Practice Charlotte, NC


 “Precision Esthetics predictably gets the job done when it counts most, even on the most difficult cases. The fit and the esthetics are consistently very impressive and a big asset to my practice and my patients, especially when it comes down to Digital Technology, Esthetics and Implant Dentistry”.